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Canada is considered one of the best countries due to its high academic standards, solid economy and worldwide development; as well as for its quality of life and social purpose; therefore, the Canada Peru Chamber of Commerce, in agreement with several leading educational institutions in Canada, offers various programs that fit the professional interests of teachers, students and executives, at an international level.

Academic Missions

Opportunity to take master classes, visit multinational companies, foreign universities, participate in seminars and international conferences with distinguished speakers and, at the same time, get to know the main cultural attractions that Canada has to offer. Aimed to students from 7th cycle onwards, graduates and young professionals.



  • Unique academic and cultural opportunities.
  • Opportunity to further expand your professional knowledge, as well as Canada, one of the most solid and developed economies in the world.
  • Networking and resume enhancement.
  • Complete agenda of strategic visits.
  • Participation certificate.

Programs and courses from our members

Discover the most exceptional educational opportunities offered by our members in Canada and Peru. Aimed at students and professionals who are looking to enhance their professional profile.



  • Personal and professional enrichment opportunities.
  • Opportunity to develop national and international contacts.
  • Access to world-class education.

Undergraduate and graduate programs

Programs with leading Canadian institutions:


  • First-year program for undergraduate studies in Canada.
  • Experience Canada: Specialization and Master's Programs (from 2 years) and Technical Courses (from 6 months).
  • Virtual courses and certifications in business and science.
  • Personalized counseling for undergraduate and specialization programs.



  • Comprehensive experience and education in the world’s best country.
  • Possibility to immigrate to Canada.
  • Strengthening of technical, academic and cultural sensibility skills as contributions to the career development
  • Option to apply for an internship program through a co-op program (see option in study program).


Short-term programs

Programs with leading Canadian institutions:

  • Online or on-site English/French program with pathway option (option that will exempt the presentation of an international language certificate for the admission process to a Canadian university or college).
  • Summer & Winter language camps.
  • Personalized educational program advising.


  • Canadian education with high academic standards.
  • English or French language improvement, on-site or virtually.
  • Opportunity to comply the language requirement (English or French) for admission to a Canadian college or university through a pathway program.

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