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Barrick: De Pierina a Lagunas Norte, cerrando una operación y abriendo oportunidades


Speaker: Manuel Fumagalli - CEO, Barrick Misquichilca Key information:


August 2013, the company ended the pit exploitation and the closure activities began. This mine will be one of the first large-scale operations in the country to implement a closure plan. Among the many awards and certifications received, Pierina was the first gold mine in South America to obtain the International Certification for Cyanide Management.

Interesting numbers: 100% of employess in Lagunas Norte are Peruvian. The cost of closing Pierina is 491$ million. 

The event counted with the participation of Alex Black - CEO of Rio Alto / Tahoe, Greta Castillo - General Manager of Inca One Metals, Karina Rivva - General Manager of Silver Standard and Ernesto Velit - General Manager of Fima. DIALOGUE 62.indd 34 16/07/2015 10:10:54