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"Milpo: Developing Polymetallic Mining in Peru"


Speaker: Victor Gobitz - CEO, Milpo

Key information:

• In 2014, Milpo became the second largest producer of zinc in Peru.

• The Pasco mining complex will include a process of operational integration (administrative, tailings dams, and mines and plants) between El Porvenir and Atacocha ending in 2016.

• Milpo has a solid and diversified portfolio of copper projects (Magistral, Pukaqaqa, Ivan and Chapi) and polymetallic (Hilarion, Aripuaña and Bongará).

Interesting numbers:

• Milpo has been characterized by a steady operational growth. Its annual concentrate production grew from 136,000 tonnes in 1999 to 721.000 in 2014.

• Consolidated net income in 2014 was $ 104 million, a strong increase of 59%.

The had the participation of Todd Christensen - General Manager of Minera Solitario, Augusto Chung - VP Project Rio Alto, Wayne Levert - General Manager of Dumas Peru and Eduardo Loret de Mola - COO of Rio Alto.