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We are a dynamic, non-profit organization that seeks to become a reliable and informative partner in promoting and developing close commercial, educational and cultural ties between Canada and Peru.


To promote and develop long-term, mutually beneficial commercial, educational and cultural ties between Canada and Peru, in a socially responsible manner.


To be the most important promoter of opportunities between Canada and Peru


Carla Martinez

Teléfono 4406699

Katthya Saavedra

Head of Administration and Finance
Teléfono 4406698 - 107

Alfredo Cano

Office Assistant

Angela Hinostroza

Communications Coordinator
Teléfono 4406699 - 106

Mariangela Juzkamayta

Marketing and Communications Assistant
Phone 4406699 - 105

Renata Goytizolo

Administration and Accounting Analyst
Teléfono 4406698 - 112

Solange Blotte

Marketing and Events Assistant Manager
Teléfono 4406699 - 102

Patricia Dedios

Membership Coordinator
Teléfono 4406699 - 101

Jenifer Torres

Teléfono 4406698 - 111

Grace Molero

Business Development Assistant
Teléfono 4406699 - 109


All employees and directors of the Canada-Peru Chamber of Commerce (CPCC) shall be governed by the provisions of this code. The Board will only admit members and hire suppliers who observe the standards set forth in this code.

  1. The CPCC 's employees and directors shall conduct themselves according to the highest ethical standards, as well as have an adequate public image and reputation. This includes appropriate behaviour, which should be especially evident at events organized by the CPCC and when representing it.
  2. The CPCC 's employees and directors should keep all CPCC related information confidential, including (but not limited to) financial results, activities, projects and future plans.
  3. Celebrating and promoting diversity, equality and respect are the CPCC ´s core values. The CPCC rejects discrimination of any kind. Its employees and directors should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with these values.
  4. Discrepancies, criticisms and dissimilar views are welcome at the CPCC. They should always be expressed with respect and channelled through General Management or the Executive Committee.
  5. The Executive Committee or the Board of Directors will determine the actions to be taken with respect to any employee or director who fails to comply with the code´s provisions.